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Customer Reviews
Chung Shi Jun

Good product quality

12 January 2022

I was very pleased on all accounts. Purchased for my GF. She LOVED it very much. The quality was great. Looked just like photos. Thank you seller for preparing the jewelry box and card.

6 January 2022
Ms Tan

Beautiful design. My colleague loves it very much. Thanks seller

6 January 2022

Received in good condition and well pack Fast delivery. Thank you seller

5 January 2022

Wow... Terkesima.. Sangat cantik.... Suarmi sangat suka. Seller sangat banyak membantu.. Menjawab dengan baik dan jelas.. Tq seller . Akan repeat order

5 January 2022

Good product quality Good value for money Excellent service by seller..thank you, seller

27 December 2021
C.K How

The seller is very friendly, the product is exquisite! Moreover with the nice packing gift box.

27 October 2021
Norman Yap

Product is good quality and arrived on time as promised

21 October 2021

Thank you for providing good service. Seller is very helpful with a good explanation on the product because im request to do engraving inside the ring, its make buyer (me) excited to buy it plus seller answered all my question and willing to assist me without hesitate. The seller is very responsible for always updates with me until I received the parcel. The delivery is very fast, the ring comes with the box and the birthday card is pretty it is superb. Very recommended especially to those who want to make memories with their loved ones.

15 September 2021
Ms Melissa

It is the same as shown in the picture but thinner. Anyway, it is beautiful.

31 August 2021
En Balqis

The product is okay.  Beautiful but the size of the name 12mm height is a bit big. It is too obvious if the wear on the wrist.

31 August 2021
Mr KH Tan

不错,女朋友非常喜欢,谢谢卖家. 卖家服务态度很好还赠送小卡片,还会再购买.强烈推荐购买.

17 August 2021

barang dah terima. cantik

9 August 2021

Barang sampai cepat sgt hari ni order esok dah pos.... seller pun bagi layanan yg baik... cepat jawab bila ditanya....barang pun cantik dan seller bagi dua kotak kecik Dan besar. .

9 August 2021

barang dah terima , terbaik. Thanks! cantik

2 August 2021
Mr Aizaac Eshmael

I have received the parcel, thank you so much.

2 August 2021
Mr Melwinder

Hey, Look good! My wife loves it. thanks

31 July 2021
Mrs Tan

I have received the 999 silver plus jade pendant.  I took some time to give u a rating because I want to test how good is your product. I sweat a lot especially nowadays the season is so hot I can't take 925 silver. 999 silver is very good quality as the silver color will always shinning.  Yes, your product quality is highly recommended.  5 stars for you. Will repeat the order again.

25 July 2021
Ibrahim AbuBakar

beautiful & price very low too.

13 July 2021
Ibrahim AbuBakar

I bought this as a gift for my friend and everything went well. The delivery is very fast, the earring the box and the birthday card are pretty and the customer service is superb! Very recommended!

13 July 2021
Ibrahim AbuBakar

Very beautiful.

13 July 2021
Linda Chew

very nice. I love it!

12 July 2021
May Tan

The item receives very fast.  Nice nice, pure 925 silver. Thanks, seller specially made for my daughter. Highly recommended. 

9 July 2021
Jamal Hussien

Cantik. Baru dapat beli perak asli. selama ni beli yg besi sadur perak. terima kasih seller.

9 July 2021
James Tan

Good quality product. I will repeat the order. Thanks

9 July 2021
Arifin Ahmad

Barang dah terima. sangat cantik! Thank you seller.

9 July 2021
Daud Ahmad

Barang dah terima, penghantaran cepat. betul betul 925 silver berbaloi dgn harga. thank you seller. saya beli ya

6 July 2021

barang dah sampai. sangat puas hati. Tempah hari ni, besok dah sampai. memang pantas. will repeat again

3 July 2021

Yeayyy.. Dah dapat.. Muat2 dengan kaki..  Penghantaran cepat . Good product quality, good value for money, fast delivery and excellent service by seller

3 July 2021
Tina Wong

宝宝的脚链收到了,太好了,长度可以调整。可以带到5,6 岁吧!


3 July 2021
Micheal Lee

BabyAnklet收到了, 非常满意,谢谢卖家!

3 July 2021

cantekk..saya suke 

3 July 2021

Thank you seller for the service of packing and the birthday card provided. It is a present for my girlfriend, she loves it very much.  Also, thank you for the free gift given.

1 June 2021

Cantik dan kualiti barang yang baik, harga yang berpatutan, 5 hari terima barang!

1 June 2021

Very special and beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you.  

22 April 2021
Cik Zaida

Thank you! My friend likes it! good product quality!

20 March 2021

Cincin cantik. Harga sangat berpatutan. Saiz ngam dengan jari. Postage cepat. Servis baik. Boleh beli lagi lepas ni

7 March 2021
Aziam Ibrahim

Kualiti sesuai dengan harga .. penghantaran pun cepat. Cantik. Terbaik. Recommended.. thanks.

21 February 2021

So gorgeous! Soooo nice! ! I love it! nice

20 February 2021
Ms Wee

very nice and this ring fit my finger so well.highly recommended.

20 February 2021
Zura Arifin

Thank you seller me and my husband really love it.. Highly recommended.. Good quality ring and excellent service by the seller

20 February 2021

Alhamdulliah. Cantik sangat ! Sampai dengan elok d bungkus dengan kemas dan cantik. Sebelum beli chat dengan seller, alhamdulliah sangat membantu dan laju je reply ! . 

20 February 2021
Ms Leong

Order fast, delivery in 2 weeks time. Necklace quality & overall nice. Worth to buy it and can customise accordingly.,

15 February 2021
Sunnat Talatov

I love it. It is so nice and the seller is also very kind. It took 20 days to reach my place & i love it. I suggest to everyone.

15 February 2021


It is so beautiful.  My girl friend love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thank you seller.

15 February 2021

Very fast service from seller and the good quality product. Highly recommended.

13 February 2021

Servis yg sgt bagus oleh seller. Kualiti cincin terbaik, ngam jari saya. Thumbs up!

13 February 2021

I love the rings so much. It's so pretty and shining!!!! . Delivered so fast and the seller was also very attentive. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️

13 February 2021

Good service from seller . Barang cantik . Suka sangat . Penghantaran cepat . . Thank you seller ❤️❤️❤️❤️

13 February 2021

Cantikkk !!! .  mmg lawa laa nk repeat ambik yg comel halus ade batu 1 lagi.  tqq fast delivery

13 February 2021

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